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Vania and Tim Levans: Go Slowly (Dance Remix)

Dance club remix of the pop disco tune, Go Slowly Now, off Vania's 2009 album becomings. By Vania Levans and Tim Levans.

Genre: Electronic: Dance
Release Date: 2010

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>> Longings CD available
Vania and Donna Dinsmore make a dynamic flute and piano duo with their album of searching and soothing music.

From the Longings album notes:
"In cultures the world over, traditional folk and hymn tunes are filled to overflowing with longing. We offer a fresh interpretation of these beautiful folk tunes from North America, Wales, Korea, China and Czechoslovakia, integrating them in a unique blend of styles and harmonizations. It is our hope that these simple, haunting melodies will enliven the longings in you and give voice to your desire for more meaning, more life, more love."

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